A different type of editing service

Completely personalised editing. Your images will look like you stayed up all night working on them … but you’ll look like you slept!

I bet you don’t believe we can edit your images and make them look just like you would. Your style is unique and nobody can match it, right? We said the same thing ourselves before we started outsourcing our own editing.

Well, what if you’re wrong? Maybe you don’t need to be chained to the computer anymore. Maybe you can get your life back!

Take the “Clone Me” challenge … for free.┬áSend us one shoot and we’ll prove you can be cloned.

No more editing backlogs

Let’s rid your inbox of the phrase “I was just wondering how much longer …”

Beautifully finished images

Your clients won’t know the difference, but they might ask why you look so relaxed

Get your life back

Spend more time shooting, marketing or maybe just living

How much is it costing you to be your own image editor?

Zero, right? But what if you paid yourself more than a burger-flipping wage and included that cost?

What if you included the shoots you can’t book because you’re too busy editing? What if you included those sales?

One of the photographers we work with did the maths. It turns out it was costing her $80,000 every year to edit her own photos! Now, every month, she’s keeping thousands in extra income in her pocket.


Here’s the plan


Chat with Iain

We’ll review your editing process, find all the tricky bits and make a plan together to replicate your exact process (or we can often speed it up for you).


Send us a shoot

We’ll edit it for free, to show you what it feels like to clone yourself.


We start the real work

If you decide you’d like to keep your clone and continue working with us, our aim is to be the easiest part of your studio.

“This frees me up to do more shoots in my studio and therefore increase my income. The turnaround is incredibly fast”


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How are we different?

Before we started hiring and training our own editors, we tried everything to outsource our editing, and got frustrated with either being forced to fit a standardised set of adjustments, or developing an understanding with one editor only to have our next shoot allocated to a new person and having to start over with them. We just wanted our images to consistently look like our images.

So that’s what we’ll do for you. Consistently make your images look like your images.

The big difference with us is that we replicate your exact editing process, and then work out ways to do it faster for you.

Because we design a custom workflow specifically for your studio, we can include whichever parts of the process you need, whether that’s selecting the best images, raw processing them to your specifications, cleaning them up in photoshop, or even uploading them to Pic-Time, Pixieset or Shootproof for you. Best of all, we’re always looking for ways to speed up this process without sacrificing quality, so if there’s a smarter way using AI tools for example to save you money, we’re not only open to running those steps for you, we’re likely to suggest it.


Plans and Pricing

Our pricing is simple, and because it’s based on a flat hourly rate, you only pay for the edits you actually need. We use Australian dollars, so if you’re in the US or UK, you’re going to love the conversion.