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Need help bringing your marketing idea to life or just speeding up your workflow?

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Are you spending too much time sitting behind a computer? Is your editing taking you away from more important things?

We provide completely customised editing, matched exactly to your personal style.

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My #1 biggest worry was that I felt my style of editing was what sets me apart from my competitors. So Iain’s team cull and edit each shoot, then leave the arty side of my images and compositing to me. So I still have control over that aspect which I love.

Messenger marketing was also a game changer thanks to Iain. My business has pretty much doubled since we started working together. If you are serious about making money, I would look no further than Iain and his team!

Diana, K9 Photography

Is your photography studio wearing you out?

I’m Iain (ee-an), and I’ve been there too. Our studio nearly didn’t make it.

I’ve been running a portrait and wedding studio with my lovely wife Jo since 2006.

One wedding season, drowning in a mountain of admin and editing, I was at the computer until 2am some nights. I remember confessing to Jo that I was falling behind, but there were no more hours I could physically work. We were also barely breaking even back then.

We made three BIG changes:

  • We hired an editing ninja named Carl, trained him in our editing style and very soon he was better at it than I’d ever been. These days he leads a team of ninjas for us.
  • I began investing time into automating repetitive tasks rather than endlessly repeating them.
  • I set out to make digital marketing a hobby. A very nerdy hobby.

It worked. We both now get to work in a business we love, nobody’s burning out, and we’ve freed up time and headspace to focus on the parts of the business where we can have the biggest impact, like actually taking photos, making money from them, and keeping our clients happy.

These days, our team of editors continues to grow, and we work with photographers all over the world to help them get out of the same rut we were in.

Frequently Asked Questions


The short answer: when you realise how much more profitable your time can be when it’s spent shooting, marketing or selling rather than sitting at your computer swearing at Lightroom or Photoshop!

If each week you spend more time editing than it would take you to shoot and sell one additional portrait session, then your editing is potentially costing you thousands of dollars every week. One of our clients did the maths and worked out it was costing her $80,000 each year!!

what if i'm the only person who can edit in my style?

I say this with love, but if you take our challenge we will prove you wrong 🙂

Here’s the big difference. Other editors will ask you to choose from a menu of “looks” or send some example images to match. We don’t just match the look – instead, we learn your whole editing process.

I totally understand if you don’t believe me just yet, but I’d love to show you.


Business coaching is great for finding out why you’re in business, and identifying a strategy (ie what direction you’re heading), but that’s not what we do best.

We’re here to help you with “how”. We can help you make your business much more efficient, by automating repetitive tasks, making your images look amazing for you and helping you to turn your marketing promotions into re-usable funnels. We’ve also set up a LOT of chatbots and landing pages for photographers all over the world. 

If you need motivation, a mindset shift, a brand overhaul or help with the overall strategy of your business, we’ve worked with some amazing business coaches and would be happy to recommend somebody for you.

Who are Iain and Jo?

We’ve been photographing weddings and portraits since around 2006, and we’ve been married for nearly as long.

Iain takes all the photos, and due to his obsession with systems and marketing, he’s the person you’ll most likely meet first.

Jo is our studio manager and also manages our editors day-to-day, so if you email us it will probably be Jo writing back.

You can learn more about us and our story here.


We (Iain and Jo) are in Melbourne, Australia, and we have a growing team of editors based all over the world. Our editors are trained to work on images from our weddings and portrait sessions first, and only once they’re able to consistently meet our (very fussy) standards, we begin training them to edit for you too.


It all starts with a free video call with Iain, where you can explain what you’re struggling with and he can give you some ideas. From there, if it feels like we’re a good match, we can make a plan together. There’s no obligation and no pressure-sales pitch, which is also how we run our photography studio (and how we recommend running your studio too).

Do You Offer A COURSE?

We had a course a few years ago (called “Nice Chat Let’s Book” and it was all about building chatbots for photographers). We may introduce courses again, but at the moment we’re focusing 100% on working one-on-one with photographers. Every studio has different needs and this technology changes quickly, so photography business courses can end up very generic. By working directly with you, we can customise everything so it fits your studio perfectly.

Is "Iain" even a real name!?!

It’s common in Scotland but we’re based in Melbourne, Australia (a long, long way from Scotland!) so we get this question a lot.

It’s pronounced ee-an, (like Ian), and it’s easier to spell once you’ve seen it in lowercase (iain).

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